About me

I’m a software engineer who has worked in various startups with projects ranging from robotics to satellite communications. I worked at Verance where I was a primary engineer in deploying Confirmedia, a nationwide radio ad tracking system that utilized audio watermarking. In Hawaii, I joined Nanopoint Imaging and helped develop the UI and hardware control layer of the cellTray Microfluidics and Imaging Systems.

Some of my latest personal project achievements include the webapp, Contact Attack which took 3rd place in the Viadeo Developer Challenge. Along with Marion Ano and Bob Matcuk, I codeveloped the Loko Iʻa app, an IOS app that focuses on teaching the public about the history and restoration of He‘eia Fishpond. Myself along with Mark Guillermo, were also a top six finalist in the Campbell’s API contest, Hack the Kitchen, with the product Recipe Remixed.

I’m also interested in entrepreneurship and Hawaii technology growth. I’ve participated in several startup weekends and currently serve on the Startup Weekend committee assisting in marketing and developer outreach. I’m also an active board member in HI Capacity to help foster and build the local maker community.

My other interests include surfing, photography and creative technology.

About site

Back in the day, this site used to be Wordpress running on Dreamhost servers. Now it’s developed with Jekyll and running on Github servers. Our images are currently by served by Flickr.

By moving away from Wordpress, this site runs noticably faster and is completely free. I would highly recommend this solution for any developer interested in putting up a blog.