I was really proud of last year’s costume and wasn’t even gonna try to outdo it this year. And if you have time, please vote for that costume in the Instructables DIY Halloween Contest.

So our work Halloween costume theme for 2008 was 80’s/90’s movie cult classics. I was quite busy with work and 5 days before Halloween still hadn’t come up with a good idea. My friend, Brandon, who was visiting from SD told me what his costume plans were and it was actually a good fit for my work Halloween theme. Not to mention that it was something that I could probably get together within 5 days. If you want to read about the costume design and construction process, click here (Coming Soon).

So now you’re probably wondering what was the costume idea was…

Well dust off your VHS copy of Karate Kid and look for the scene of what Daniel-San wore for Halloween. If you don’t have your copy handy, you can also google, karate kid halloween costume and click I’m Feeling Lucky

Click HERE> to see the costume…

I did take some “artistic liberties” in my interpretation of the costume mostly due to not being able to find a red shower curtain with white polka dots.

My friend Brandon actually was more true to the movie even down to the Chargers attire worn by Daniel-san in the scene. brandon

My version… profilepic

Some more pics from that night… Click HERE to see all the pics. cutegirls

And if you’re wondering… Yes, this is the only way I can get women into the shower with me. cutegirl

This girl actually came dressed in a towel so of course we had to take a picture together. showergirl

Johnny from the Cobra Kai… johnny


P.S. Thanks to Brandon for the brilliant idea and Arnold and Liza for being my personal photographers for the night.