3 States in 3 Hours

sign Well more like 3 states in 6 hours but that’s cause I kept pulling over to take pics. It could probably be done in 3 hours but if you saw what I saw then you’ll know why it took me longer…

Ever since I got into photography, I’ve been wanting to capture the Antelope Valley Slot Canyons located near Page, AZ. These beautiful, natural canyons are formed due to erosion from wind and rain. All the pictures I’ve seen of this place have been very surreal and stunning.

So when I went to Vegas this past weekend to see friends who I haven’t seen in ages, I booked a sidetrip to fufill one of my photography dreams. Driving to Arizona, I’ve never seen such majestic cliffs and grand panoramas. I kept seeing views like below… mirror Just located a few miles south of Page is the Horseshoe Bend Overlook. At the bottom of this 1,100 foot high vista runs the Colorada river. alt Horseshoe Bend Overlook And now what I drove 500 miles for… hdr On the left of this photo is my guide. You can use him as a reference for how tremendous this place truly is… maninpic




These canyons walls are truly organic and have amazing colors and textures. Unfortunately my pictures really don’t do justice to these places…


Do you think this little photographic tour was worth it?!?