Bad Boys!!! Bad Boys!!! Whatcha gonna do?!? Whatcha gonna do when dey come for you?!?

Today I heard some loud engine noises reverberating throughout the house. It actually reminded me of when I used to live by USC. I ran outside and saw a helicopter about 20 feet above our backyard. :surprised:

Turns out a fugitive ran through the stream that runs between our house and the elementary school. Hmmm…  I hope Palolo isn’t going back to its old ways.

I snapped a few shots of the chopper and then got a picture of the first policeman to arrive on foot. He gave me a not so friendly look so I decided to put the trusty Rebel XT camera away. Post-“Rodney King” era, most cops don’t appreciate their pictures taken while on duty.

About 15 other officers arrived and asked if we noticed anything unusual. Uhhh no… Unless you mean the helicopter flying over our house and foot soldiers surrounding the area but other than that… All systems normal. :thumbs-up: